Mark Elliott joins panel at WorkLife Seminar

Sydney Indesign 2013 opened on 15th August 2013 with a Worklife seminar designed to look at ‘The Future of the Workspace".

Titled "Workstations or Playstations – How Productive is Your Workplace?" it covered the evolution of workplace design and philosophy. Mark Elliott, Principal at POV was a very active member of the live panel involved with discussions and interacting with the attendees, predominantly architects and interior designers.

The incredible advancement in lighting technology in recent years and the influences it is having on our office towers, shopping malls, restaurants and public buildings not to mention our lives has helped position the lighting design industry very much top of mind in both commercial and public arenas. Mark's vast experience lighting projects around the globe saw him dispel a few fallacies and provide hard facts as to just what lighting can and can't do.

"Never before has lighting played such a dominant and prominent role in our lives. Get light right and it can improve productivity, health and enjoyment. Get it wrong and the opposite will happen", he said, (amongst other things).

Mark was joined on the panel by Laurie Aznavoorian (Geyer), Jeremy Hocking (Herman Miller) & Simon Trude (2D3D Creative studio).