Human centric

The impact on lighting on our day to day lives has been understood and preached amongst lighting designers for years. Recent medical papers investigating the negative impact of certain types / exposure / duration of lighting have brought this to the attention to the public at large and equally to our clients.

Lighting can have both positive and negative impacts on us, it can drive the way we use spaces, influence our orientation through environments and directly impact our behaviour and health.

When designing our environments we consider the impacts of lighting, the use of dynamic white / warm-dim technology which enables transitions from day to night effectively, where warmer colour temperatures at night naturally enable our bodies to relax and repair or conversely implement higher light levels with cooler colour temperatures to invigorate and energise for the key tasks.

Our understanding of the principles of the effects of light on the human body ensures that not only do we create technically and aesthetically beautiful environments, but also environments with the needs and wellbeing of users in mind.