In lighting a space the ingredients must be collated and mixed to create the right ‘flavour’.

A lighting scheme is built of four components

_Ambient Light
_Accent Light
_Feature Light
_Integrated Light

The ratio of each of these components or ‘the layering of light’ is what creates the ambience of a space and makes it appropriate to its use and style.

A mixologist is a professional in the mixing of liquids to make cocktails. Cocktails change throughout the day to night, from light and fresh, like a mojito to dark and rich, like an espresso martini. The cocktails change as people’s behaviour change. Lighting follows the same principles.

When activity is fast and high levels of information are needed to be processed, in spaces such as offices and transport terminals, the lighting is fresh, with high levels of ambient light and low levels of accent light. When activity is lower and people need to be secluded and intimate the lighting is seductive with low ambient light and high accent light, creating light shade and interest.

Mixing the layers in appropriate proportions, we call it _LIGHTOLOGY.