Project team


At Café Sydney, PointOfView was tasked with designing a scheme that would bring life to the lounge and provide flexibility. Working closely with Hassell, we created a fully bespoke feature video wall that introduces movement and changes colours to the previously static space. This video wall has endless possibilities of dynamic effects, giving the lounge a fluid and continually evolving design. Despite its ‘intelligent’ capabilities, the wall appears as an unassuming mirror during the day, blending in with the rest of the restaurant and maintaining a timeless and elegant appearance.

To augment the feature wall, we carefully selected functional accent lights and low-level lights that deliver just the required amount of light to ensure the space functions as required. Our goal was to create a space that not only looks stunning but also functions perfectly for the client’s needs. By working closely with Hassell and the client, we were able to achieve a design that exceeded expectations and delivered a truly unique and memorable experience for Café Sydney’s guests.