Project team


Cranbrook School is a prestigious educational institution in Sydney that is undergoing significant redevelopment and refurbishment of its sports, recreation areas, and chapel. To bring a new level of sophistication to the lighting design, the school engaged FPOV, a leading lighting design firm with extensive experience in the commercial and hospitality sectors. FPOV’s expertise has transformed the lighting of Cranbrook’s facilities, providing a level of elegance and refinement rarely seen in high school education environments. Custom-designed lighting fixtures and integrated lighting solutions have been installed to create a bright, welcoming, and safe environment for students, faculty, and visitors. The new lighting design enhances the architecture and the overall aesthetic of the spaces, creating a sense of warmth and comfort while promoting concentration, productivity, and wellbeing. FPOV’s work at Cranbrook School is a testament to their commitment to providing innovative and creative lighting solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients.