Project team

  • Client: Crown Resorts
  • Architect: Wilkinson Ayre
  • Builder: Lendlease
  • Photographer: Brent Winstone
  • FPOV Studio Leader: Ana Spina
  • Contact:


Our team of experts had the incredible opportunity to develop the lighting scheme for the Crown Resort in Sydney, a 6-star hotel that boasts 350 rooms, 13 unique F&B areas, 3 gaming facilities, a luxurious spa, and indoor and outdoor recreational facilities. Our team collaborated with designers located all over the world, navigating the challenges of construction during a global pandemic to create a resort that quickly became a benchmark in the hospitality sector worldwide.

Working alongside renowned international design firms like Wilkinson Eyre, Myer Davis, Blainey North, and Studio PCH, our team brought our extended experience in the hospitality sector and the ability to implement vast resources at critical phases of the project. The result was an outstanding lighting scheme that delivered exceptional results across the entire resort, from the private apartments to the luxurious spa, and everything in between.

We are incredibly proud of the work we did at Crown Resort Sydney and the challenges we overcame to deliver a lighting scheme that enhances the resort’s beauty and elegance. Experience it for yourself and immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled luxury and hospitality.