Auckland Museum - F-Pov | Lighting and Audio Visual | Design

Project team

  • Client: National Museum Australia
  • Architect: ARM
  • Builder: Regal Innovations
  • Photographer: Anne Stroud
  • FPOV Studio Leader: Ingrid Baldwin
  • Contact:


We worked closely with ARM Architecture and TCL to create a stunning lighting scheme for the National Museum Forecourt in Canberra. The project aimed to redefine and enhance the main entrance and forecourt of Australia’s leading museum. Our approach celebrated the distinctive existing architecture of the forecourt, including the iconic ‘loop’ walkway, while also providing compliance lighting in a clever and considered manner.

The lighting scheme expertly accented the sculptural native Australian planting, creating depth, softness, and texture within the landscaping. To ensure the pathways were well-lit, we designed a custom bollard that provided circulation lighting. Additionally, a dedicated uplight was installed to light the canopy, minimising upward light spill, and reducing the need for additional overhead lighting.

The finished result is a stunning lighting scheme that redefines the National Museum Forecourt and highlights the museum’s unique architectural features.