Pivnaya Apteka | F- POV | Lighting and Audio Visual Design

Project team

  • Client: Bluesky Hospitality
  • Architect: Bluesky Hospitality
  • Photographer: Bluesky Hospitality
  • FPOV Studio Leader: Peter Veale
  • Contact: peterv@f-pov.com


Pivnaya Apteka is not your typical restaurant and bar. Its quirky concept of being both the cause and cure of a hangover is reflected in every detail of its design, including the lighting solutions. Collaborating closely with the client, we designed a lighting scheme that is both animated and deceptive, with moving pixel screens that create a sense of having consumed too much alcohol, and furniture placed upside down on the ceiling. Shelves are filled with glowing test tubes, and infinity mirrors add depth and dimension to the space. Waiters dress as doctors to complete the experience, making Pivnaya Apteka a truly unforgettable destination for those seeking a unique and playful night out.