Ling Ling, Atlantis The Royal, Dubai | F- Pov | Lighting & AV Design

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Key points

  • Elevating Dining, Drinking, and Dancing: Creating a signature destination with striking contrasts in light, colour, and texture.
  • Crafting a Multi-Layered Journey: Individual assessment of each space for a seamless customer experience.
  • Innovative Lighting Solutions: Interpreting diverse spaces into lighting concepts that enhance the guest’s journey.
  • Embracing Modern Luxury: Balancing the desire to see and be seen with the contemporary building context.
  • Integrated Lighting: Most lighting is integrated into the space, creating a cohesive design.
  • Transformative User Experience: Guiding guests through various spaces, each with a unique ambience.


Ling Ling Dubai, part of the Hakkasan Group, goes beyond being a mere dining experience. Our mission was to craft a signature destination for dining, drinking, and dancing. This venue boasts multiple areas, including a nightclub, where each space needed to be carefully assessed as part of the customer’s journey.

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Design Approach

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Our creative journey encompassed multiple projects in one, with thoughtful links between spaces. For example, the lift lobby graphics wall changes colour to match the RGBW lighting in the lift, which, in turn, matches the reception area’s ceiling. While our brief didn’t demand contextual fit, our approach aligned with the desire for guests to see, be seen and share their experiences on social media.



At Ling Ling Dubai, the journey is paramount. The Ground Floor lift lobby stands in stark contrast to the hotel lobby, becoming a "selfie hotspot" with colourful backlit signage. The "Gallery" transforms into a cage of light with a mirrored stretched ceiling, and the preserved tree is evenly lit without causing glare to diners. Subtle links between spaces tie the entire concept together, creating a captivating experience.