Upper House, Brisbane - F-POV

Project team < 1 minute

Key points

  • New multi-residential addition to Aria’s portfolio of luxury city living.
  • 2 full floors of rooftop amenity.
  • Ultra-lush interiors with no expense spared.
  • Unique architecture.


The Upper House project, located in Brisbane and spearheaded by Aria Property Group, introduces a luxurious addition to the city’s living scene. Featuring two full floors of rooftop amenity, the project showcases ultra-lush interiors with thoughtful attention to detail and a unique architectural design.


Approach + Gallery


Under the leadership of Ash Dowthwaite, the collaborative project team, including Aria Property Group, Koichi Takada, Minicon, PLE, Prolicht, LAD Group, TECLED, and Regianni, aimed to create a distinctive residential space that harmoniously integrates lighting aesthetics and functionality.


The lighting design, is a standout feature of the Upper House project. Thoughtfully planned and executed, the lighting scheme enhances the ambiance of the interiors, accentuates architectural elements, and creates an engaging atmosphere throughout the multi-residential property. Custom solutions supplied by Firefly Lighting, Prolicht, LAD Group, TECLED, and Regianni were strategically incorporated to achieve a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality.The successful collaboration between Aria Property Group, Koichi Takada, Minicon, and the dedicated lighting design led by Ash Dowthwaite has resulted in the extraordinary Upper House project. Beyond expanding Aria's luxury offerings, the lighting design sets a new standard, contributing to the overall opulence and unique charm of the property.