Lighting Design

The role of a lighting designer was formed in response to the demands of a more discerning client, who is well travelled and has high expectations of all aspects of a space. A generic, engineered solution that is simply a compliant, calculated "paint by numbers" approach is no longer enough in a competitive world where a point of difference is critical.

This demand, together with ever advancing technologies means, more than ever, that a specialist is required to draw together both the vision of a lead consultant and the technical ability to deliver the design intent.

The growing demand for energy efficiency drives the need for intelligent design, in place of prescriptive engineering, which delivers beautifully lit efficiently designed spaces.

Balancing the art and science of light, through a collaborative, integrated lighting approach, together with the independence we have from manufacturers and suppliers, delivers our clients creative and technically innovative results meeting the project budget and the lead consultants vision.

Collaborating with the design team we bridge the gap between designers and engineers through visual dialogue, which is critical in conveying ideas, whilst understanding the technicalities of the engineered solution.