Audio Visual Design

At FPOV we know the importance and impact that audio visual design can have, as a critical interface between businesses and their customers.

We are designers with global experience in the built environment, theatre, live events and installation. We challenge traditional consultancy in audio visual design because we understand the tension between the operational needs and the aspirational desires of our clients, supporting them to stand out and create unique environments to meet their customer's needs.

Our design philosophy takes an immersive design approach that incorporates scientific analysis, aesthetic sensitivity and an innate understanding of the human experience within the boundaries of the built environment.

As technology evolves, expectations from users increases. So as competition gets harder and technology gets smarter, you need to be aware of what's available to ensure you get ahead. At FPOV, we ensure a technology agnostic design, making us adaptable to changes in architectural and building process, while keeping you ahead of the curve when it comes to leading the way in customer experiences through audio-visual technology.

By understanding our client's ambitions and objectives, we are able bridge the gap through consultation with management, architects, builders and venue staff to define performance requirements. We then design the systems to realise that intent to ensure that the works are competitively priced and that the project goals and design requirements are exceeded.