Pure Consulting

For projects where full scope of services are not required or financially viable, we offer a PURE CONSULTING service, whereby FPOV don't provide a documentation service, but advice and review to aid the project design team to design, develop and deliver a lighting design under the guidance of the FPOV.
This service is designed to enable a project to benefit from the creativity, technical knowhow and experience of FPOV without the expense incurred in a full scope of service.

This service is provided strictly on hourly rates, and can vary from project to project. All works are undertaken within design workshops in your studio or office, at critical stages of the project and where major deliverables are being completed, for example; Concept design, Design development and Tender documentation.

This is a collaborative process and as such it is critical that the party delivering the documentation of the lighting design is present at the workshops, (the architect, interior designer, electrical engineer or electrical contractor etc.) to ensure they fully understand the design intent, considerations, requirements and maintain ownership of the delivered lighting design.

At the conclusion of the workshop process the design will be complete, reviewed and in line with the initial design intent.

It is important to understand that FPOV do not provide any documentation; work is only undertaken within the workshop environment.