Ana Spina - Firefly PointOfView - Lighting and Audio Visual Design

Ana Spina

project director

Ana Spina serves as the Project Director at FPOV. Her enduring passion lies in architecture, always drawn to work that can evoke diverse experiences and sensations. She firmly believes in the profound impact that ‘LIGHT’ can have on people’s lives.

With over 20 years of experience in the lighting design field, Ana has dedicated her career to creating memorable and diverse experiences in hospitality, residential, commercial, and Civic projects.

Ana’s wealth of knowledge and valued perspective are invaluable assets to FPOV. Ana brings vibrancy and vision to our leadership team. Her role revolves around providing unwavering support, effective project management, business development and the necessary resources for our clients and their ventures across our global studio.

Since 2020, Ana Spina has been making a tremendous impact as the Director at Large for #IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) and an active participant in #IALDANZ. Her mission? To elevate the visibility of lighting design in the construction world and support the lighting design community.