John Lau - Firefly PointOfView - Lighting and Audio Visual Design

John Lau

Managing Director

As the Managing Director of FPOV, John leads the team to deliver FPOV’s vision to Create Meaningful Experiences.

Prior to establishing FPOV, John gained his experience on some of the most prestigious and ground-breaking lighting projects in architecture and design.

John excels at creating a narrative for the lighting approach to a project and ensuring the lighting scheme complements and reinforces the design intent.

Trained as a product designer, John has designed bespoke lighting solutions for a host of high-profile spaces, this allows him to integrate lighting and create details that are elegant and seamless.

Delivering a diverse range of projects for brands such as MGM, Land Securities, Emaar, Reel Cinemas, Curzon, and Cathay Pacific has given John a solid grounding in how to realise lighting schemes and installations for the most demanding clientele.

His enjoyment of the collaborative process and track record means that his contribution to a project extends beyond the scope of lighting.