Peter Veale - Firefly PointOfView - Lighting and Audio Visual Design

Peter Veale

Design Director

Peter Veale holds the role of Design Director at FPOV and boasts a wealth of experience in architectural lighting design since 1996. Throughout his career, Peter has led numerous award-winning projects for major lighting consultancies.

Driven by a profound love for travel, Peter has resided in Europe, Asia, and America, granting him an appreciation for the varied approaches adopted in different territories.

Peter possesses a comprehensive perspective on design and architecture. He places significant emphasis on the impact of small details and acknowledges the profound influence of culture on final outcomes.

Peter has imparted his knowledge through numerous lectures and presentations on lighting design at venues around the world.

Before founding FPOV, Peter worked as a lighting designer in Hong Kong, the UK, and the US, accumulating extensive experience collaborating with a diverse array of creative companies globally. This in turn means that he has over 25 years of experience in projects large and small, and in every sector. Hotels, Residential, Workplace, F&B, Retail, Facades, Events and Landscaping.

Having worked across many continents, Peter maintains a global perspective on design and architecture. He continues to emphasise the power of attention to small details.

Peter’s commitment to teamwork is underscored by his dedication to crafting innovative solutions that align with clients’ expectations and can be realised by the collective efforts of the team.