Pontus Hammarbäck - Firefly PointOfView - Lighting and Audio Visual Design

Pontus Hammarbäck

studio leader

Pontus Hammarbäck is the Studio Leader for FPOV Singapore. He brings with him experiences from living in various countries and leading diverse projects while staying grounded in his passion for lighting designed with people in mind.

Pontus grew up in Northern Sweden with a profound connection to how natural light changes over the course of a day and throughout the seasons. He has experienced the long dark nights with warm, cosy interiors in stark contrast to the sun barely setting in the summer. The variation in colour, direction, intensity, and character of light, and how it influences the appreciation of and interaction with a space, is what ignites his passion for lighting.

Pontus holds a deep interest in sustainable design and optimising resource usage. Choosing the most energy-efficient light source for a task comes naturally to him, but he has always felt that more can be done. This interest has driven him to explore the use of daylighting as the foundation for interior lighting, complemented by artificial lighting when and where necessary. Illuminating interiors with daylight allows spaces to mimic the natural progression of light during the day, forming the basis for Human-Centric Lighting.

Pontus leads the Singapore team with a strong focus on working intelligently, leveraging collaborative tools and processes to their full potential to achieve exceptional outcomes. He aspires to play a part in shaping the evolving work environment to better suit our needs.