Simon Lefort - Firefly PointOfView - Lighting and Audio Visual Design

Simon Lefort

Studio Director

Simon Lefort is the Studio Director for FPOV’s Perth Studio.
Simon’s fascination with light transcends any context. With a strong background in theatrical lighting, he boasts over twelve years of experience working at leading venues both in Australia and abroad.

His extensive experience in theatrical lighting has cultivated a profound understanding of the interplay between light and its influence on our perception of space and mood. It has also honed his excellent knowledge of lighting control systems.

Simon seamlessly transitioned into the realm of architectural lighting, initially working in Sydney before joining FPOV in 2014.

In 2019, Simon returned to his hometown to establish the Perth studio.
He is deeply committed to applying the principles and knowledge he gained from his time in the theatre to the world of architectural design.

Simon firmly believes that a successful lighting design is a harmonious blend of creativity and technical expertise, underpinned by the understanding that lighting is an integral part of a greater whole.